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The Probst Team's Commitment to Community Starts Again!

Before Covid hit, the Probst Team was involved in community music events in Northern Baltimore County and Southern PA. This was our way of connecting with others and meeting new friends.

Now we want to do more to lift us all up.

This month we met with the owners of The Jackson House Inn in Railroad, PA, just a mile or so up the NCR trail from New Freedom. The Jackson is absolutely stunning and we thought it would be a perfect place to eventually host guests for 3-day music retreats that we'll help sponsor. This effort will involve a group of area businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, music venues and the "Steam into History" train that passes right by the hotel.

"We feel that organizing and helping sponsor retreats in New Freedom will be a great way to entice visitors to the area. And with so much to offer in the area - we're hoping a few will want to stay!"

We also know that making this happen will involve some hard work, but what better way to get to know the local business owners and the growth plan centered in the southern PA housing region.

Another perk - we get to enjoy some great food! Thank you Amanda and Damon Poulin of the Jackson House B&B for an amazing breakfast!

Follow us in the months to come as the Probst Team works to make this happen. We'll be learning a lot about what Southern PA has to offer and can't wait to meet newcomers to the area.

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