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Emerson Probst joined the Probst Team in early 2019 to help support clients with marketing exposure and inspections. He comes from over 25 years in book marketing and has developed a talent for capturing the features and personality of homes. Emerson has a special interest in older homes--one developed by growing up in a architect's family and restoring a historic home in Ruxton. Gwen and Emerson are now restoring a historic tavern in Hereford. He is a certified "Seniors Real Estate Specialist" and enjoys hiking and playing music.

My Story

What I love about selling real estate is that each house has its own story. It's fascinating and rewarding to match clients with a home and to be with them as they envision a new life with all its possibilities. The new owners become part of that ongoing story. In this way, being a real estate agent isn't that far from being a book publisher. My career experiences have also given me the ability to carefully listen to people, and to understand their needs. As in book editing, the story is never about me. I've also developed advanced skills in handling details, meeting deadlines and understanding the importance of updates and communication.  I find working with homes and people intensely rewarding, and that'll show in the care and commitment we give our clients.

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Let's connect! I can't wait to work with you.

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