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Rebecca Wenzl

Becca has lived in Baltimore County her entire life, apart from the 4 wonderful years she spent in Carlisle, Pennsylvania obtaining her BS in Math from Dickinson College. She grew up in the Hereford Zone, where she met her husband, Jim. At 23, she purchased her first home and by 29, she owned 3 houses in the Towson area. While she spent most of her twenties as a consultant for corporate property tax, she has found her true calling as a real estate agent with the Probst Team! Becca specializes in first time home-buyers looking for help making a smart financial investment.

My Story

If you would have told me 10 years ago as I graduated with my B.S. in Mathematics that I would be a full time residential real estate agent…I probably would not have believed you. While I love math and learned A LOT through that academic pursuit, I always knew it was my love of people that would ultimately build me a career. After I graduated I spent 5 years in corporate property tax while simultaneously building my own real estate portfolio with my husband. I learned so much through the process as a client and truly fell in love with analyzing the market to maximize my investments (hey, that math degree paid off after all!) Now it is my passion to help other homeowners/buyers do the exact same thing!

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