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Our Services

The Probst Team offers a variety of backgrounds and skills for our clients. For buyers we offer insights from years of business and personal experience. We've restored and lived in older homes and are keenly aware of the joys and challenges of a fixer-upper. We have personal experience with managing rentals and can guide on investment decisions. We also have team members with a creative eye for how to present your home for its fullest impact. Service is our prime motivation, and you'll experience that through our adherence to communication and our commitment to meeting your needs on all levels. Finding your happy space is our mission!

Senior Real Estate Certified

We are certified to work with seniors to offer advice on downsizing, organizing, in-home care, inspecting fire risks, food delivery, pet walking, LGBTQ+ Care referrals, transportation, financial resources, and working with veterans.


Digital and Physical Staging, how best to show your home. Our staging contractors are tested and vouched for through Cummings' extensive networking resources. Our marketing director also adds creative insight on ways to visually market your home.

Expert Consulting

With over 18 years of experience, we offer up to date insight on market, trends and locations. We've sold homes throughout Md. and Pa, and have  lived in many of these communities. We strive to know our communities, which  is a real bonus for both buyers and sellers. 

Free Home Estimates

Interested in how your home is fairing up in this changing market? Ask us for a free home-price estimate based on your area's comparable prices. We'll also give tips on how to prepare your home for selling, and if repairs are needed, let us offer proven referrals.

What Our Clients Say

aug house.jpeg

Phoenix Maryland Sellers

"If I had to numerically rate Gwen -1 being poor and 10 being excellent, Gwen would get at least a 15. And John accurately determined it was a french cape cod and despite almost 30 years that house renovation has stood and despite it being on the market several previously-NOT ONE OTHER REALTOR determined its true style. This I feel made ALL the difference in illustrating to the prospective buyers, just what architecturally they were looking at--awesome job and writing skills to John Probst!
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