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Probst Team supports the Manor Mill "Living the Creative Life" podcast to launch in June!

We were so excited when the Manor Mill music and art venue opened a few years back in Monkton. Along with our nearly 25-year commitment to real estate, every member of the Probst Team believes in the power of the arts to keep communities happy, active and healthy. The magic of the Manor Mill is that it supports ideas and talent from across the spectrum of arts. Being there is like being at a music or art college where sounds, colors and creative objects swirl around you, catching your senses on every floor. You can't avoid leaving inspired and happy!

As part of our commitment, Emerson has volunteered hours of time in researching, organizing and soon hosting an ongoing podcast featuring guest in all the disciplines of fine art and writing. Our commitment to the Mill goes beyond Emerson - our marketing manager (also a professional painter) has had multiple exhibitions at Manor Mill.

For more information about the Mill, or ideas for future podcasts, feel free to email Emerson and


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