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Probst Team Motto - Volunteer! -- and Baltimore's Emerging New Jazz Scene

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Drive a Blood Truck. Why not? Hemingway did!

I've volunteered off and on throughout my life. Just out of college, full of youthful bravado, I walked into the Red Cross headquarters on Charles Street and said, "What do you guys have that nobody wants to do?" I ended up driving a blood truck to Gettysburg PA every Monday night. Gettysburg Hospital was the farthest on the Central Maryland grid and their drivers were too old for a late night route. It was a lonely run. I saw no one. I picked up my keys in a lock box, gathered blood boxes as the nurses went home, then trucked my way down Rt 97--rain, sheet or snow. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I really liked getting out and about through volunteer driving, so recently I thought...maybe it's time to hit the road again. It'll help break me out of my pandemic malaise. And plus, Gwen and I had planned for volunteerism to play a large part in how we'd give back to the community where we sell.

Meals-on-Wheels of Maryland

So starting this March I'll be driving for Meals-on-Wheels. The need has never been greater as the elderly community grows, and economic disparity hits residents stretching dollars to meet medical needs. There's also a huge need for occasional volunteers to help prepare meals or grocery shop, especially around holidays.

A Call for Volunteers! You Too Can Help!

Please reach out if you'd like to join my "reach-out list" for occasional food-prep sessions down at the Baltimore processing center. Larger groups are needed a few times a year, mainly around holidays. Or, if you'd like to drive too, then drinks will be on the Probst Team after your first week of runs! (Drives are just one day a week - (11.30 - 1 pm). Our Probst Team watering hole is Big Truck Brewery, so maybe we'll make that a MOW-drivers hangout--like a Cop Bar! Not quite as glamorous, but still cool! - right?

Until next month - Emerson Probst

Real Estate Segment:

Baltimore's Music Scene - The Future New Orleans of the East Coast?

Last month we told you that we were "...bullish of New Freedom PA." -- but we're also bullish on Baltimore widening its place as a magnet for artists and musicians. In the last few years, Jazz has been on the rise again in our town, and it's caught national attention. Led by a host of Peabody educators, musician activists and Mayor Brandon Scott, new initiatives like the Pennsylvania Avenue revitalization efforts and the success of the world-class Jazz-dinner club Keystone Korner are proof that Baltimore's real identity as quirky, creative and fun is holding true.

If you have some time while working or making dinner, check out this 2020 NPR segment on the rebirth of Jazz in Baltimore -- and check out Keystone Korner; the reviews are great!

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