These are some of the characteristics our clients are currently looking for in their new home. 

If you think your home could be a good fit, let us know and let's make it happen!

Bmore City

  • Row home with two bedrooms

  • Near Patterson Park

  • Rear Parking pref.

  • Up to 250K


  • Single family home within 20 minutes from the city of Frederick Condo or Townhome

  • Under $500k


  • Single family home in the Hereford Zone. Prefer an older home with character. 

  • Up to 500K


  • Hereford Zone or Southern PA home with acreage or near public land (wooded).

  • Up to 500K


  • Home in Hereford Zone or southern PA with either lake view or ability to walk to restaurants and/or the NCR Trail


  • Townhome with garage

  • Near I83 between Towson and Hunt Valley

  • Ideally close to Falls Road

  • 450K max.

South PA

  • Rancher in Southern PA around 400K preferably in New Freedom 


  • Condo within 15 minutes from  Towson University

  • up to $230K